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Reaction on the March [Aug. 7th, 2005|09:03 pm]
The Cossacks are getting closer and closer to regaining their former status under the Tsar. How come Stalin can manage to kill and eliminate almost every Trotskyist in the world, yet the Cossacks are still around? Back to the intresting issue. How come when Communism fails in Russia, it becomes the biggest selling point in Capitalist propoganda. Yet, the slow but sure collapse of Russian Republicanism and capitalism in Russia is completley ignored. Appearently the failure of communism in Russia is because of the system of communism, not because of the enviroment of Russia. Yet the failure of Democracy and Capitalism (just look at how bad the black market is) in Russia is completley ignored.

Obviously if the failure of Democracy and Capitalism in Russia is due to the enviroment of Russia, then so is the failure of Communism. Marx is then justified. Communism can survive and be created in an economy of plenty. The Russian economy was never an economy of plenty. The rise of Stalinism and the dictatorship is due to the levithan beast that is Russia. The same issues that created the Tsar and his absolutism will exist in Russia. This enviroment will always twist Russia back into a dictatorship. Putin is taking baby steps today, but how long till he takes leaps and bounds into absolutism?

And thus, Democracy and Capitalism fail. As it will everywhere evantully. We hold the dreams in our minds and in our hearts, even if it doesn't fall for another thousand years.
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Just like the Red Witch Hunts of the past... [Aug. 5th, 2005|07:47 am]
The UK has decided to deport anyone that fosters hatred or preaches violence. One of the main details I always argue is to fight now before it is too late. This might seem like a good idea following the london attacks, but anyone can see how it can be twisted. How long until those that preach the workers revolution are ejected from the country?

Blair has also said that he is willing to violate human rights codes by deporting those who might be tortured or killed in those countries they are being deported to. Thus we can see people be deported on the hope that they get killed or tortured in a country where their martyrdom will be lost.

The conservative turn of the world continues. The freedom that the terrorists supposedly want to take from us is being taken away by our leaders. Today the seeds are being planted for tomorrows society of zombies. People unwilling to take a stand against the goverment, yet rallying for it against all people. Beliving that their goverment is the only answer to all the problems. To those that stand up against the goverment? We see the Orwellian tactics used in their full glory.
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2005|06:45 pm]
The Senate passed a law protecting the Gun industry from lawsuits.


Will someone please explain the differnce between the gun industry and the tobacco industry? The goverment prosecutes Big Tobacco with everything it has. Yet other industries that are just as dangerous are snuggled to the goverments bossom.

It goes to show that if you buy the right politicans and have enough people to defend your product you can do anything.

I do realise the third ammendment, but I am personally annoyed by the amount of anti-tobacco commercails on the air. I belive it is an experiment in propoganda. I do not smoke. But if they can turn people against tobacco then they can turn people on anything with enough work and time.
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The London Terrorists are succeeding... [Jul. 22nd, 2005|06:39 pm]
If their goal was to "Take away our freedom" as Bush keeps telling is the terrorists goal, then its working. Large amounts of the Patroit act just got renewed because no one is willing to vote against it with the recent attacks. The idea of closed circuit camera's everywhere is gaining steam. Philly wants to put more in.

We are seeing the creation of the 1984 state is all around us. We shall never see it coming untill it is too late. The destruction of our freedom is a slow steady progress. Is the hope for any revolution passing? Trotsky saw the result of the continuation of capitalism and its strength. If the result of true socailism coming to be is a Workers Paradise, then the end result of capitalism is a Workers Nightmare.

Take a stand, annoy your congressman at the very least. These represantives seem to be the very least in touch with their constituents. Whats the worse that taking five minutes to bother them about the Patriot Act can do? Take a stand now while you still can, not when its too late.
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Let the AFL-CIO Die [Jul. 19th, 2005|06:31 pm]
The AFL-CIO is in danger of splintering. I for one say the time has come for its destruction. It has failed all union memebers for the last fifty years. It has allowed the decline and the destruction of thousands of unionists.

It's collapse can only cause more hardship and ache for the worker. As the plight of the worker becomes worse and worse evantully he shall strike back. The worker does not have the leaders of the past who rallied against the rich. The capitalists have lowered the intelligence of the worker. They have destroyed the spirit of the worker. Yet the worker can strike back. It may not be this generation but the future is bright.

The seeds of the revolution are all around us. More and more people are taking up the cause. They are seeing the world in a more international light thanks to the internet. In the past communists seemingly only existed in the big cities. But now, anywhere around the world someone can discover Marx without fear of retribution.

Those seeds shall grow. We must look at ourselves as the fathers of the next generation. We must give them the high hopes of the Paris Commune and the Russian Revolution. The next revolution shall give us our true freedom. The Roman Republic failed, and the idea of republicanism was destroyed for almost two thousand years. Yet in those days communication was not instantenous. Today we can have high hopes for a quicker spread of knowledge.

The harder the capitalist pushes the worker the harder he will evantully push him back. We shall make the capitalists of today pay with blood tomorrow.
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2005|05:01 am]
The eternal struggle of the Communist in America is simple to see. Enter the words Palmer Raid into any search engine. Look through the repression of pacifists during WWI. The strength of that repression continued during the 1917-1929 period. Thus Bush calls out that his PATRIOT Act cannot be touched. History shows us that even if the "War against Terror" is ever won, the effect of the PATRIOT Act will be felt for years after.

The destruction of the True labour movement in America can be traced to the destruction of Communists very early on. Eugene Debs ran for president from Prison and got his largest amount of votes. It took time for socailist writings to reach across the pond, and the goverment was prepared. The feelings and the undertone of the american worker and socailist and communist but he does not know it.

American history laughs at Stalin's erasing and re-writing of history. Yet they are just as bad. They do not write about great american communists,socailists and anarchists. Pick up any American History school book. First off its probably written by McGraw-Hill (Bush Allies) and try to find any mention of them. The only mention I remember growing up was of the "Knights Of Labor" and of course all the bomb throwing anarchists. Socailists, Communists and Anarchists have done a huge amount of good for us, but where are they? In America their history is destroyed lest someone pick up the torch of revolution.

American history itself is dangerous. When Americans cried out "No Taxation Without Representation" they belived that anyone they elected would not tax them. What represenative actually votes for taxes if he is truly representing the people? Instead the politicians have become a class themselves. They are out of society and out of touch. They purposely try to make running for an elected seat look as impossible as they can.

The Orwellian Age is upon us. It is all around us. Wake up my comrades. We still have a chance. The workers can still fight. But how long untill that finall flame is flicked out? We stand on the edge, as the Roman Republic once did. At the height of our power we can either defend the status quo and head down into the abyss or raise up society and civilization to a new high on the back of the workers.
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Our Nardonik Past? Or Future? [Feb. 25th, 2005|07:45 am]
First, for those that have never heard of Nardoniks a little explanation. The Nardoniks were the pre-cursor to the socalists and communists movements in Russia. They were the intellectual elite who were against the Tsar. At this time though the people were unwilling to hate the Tsar. The Tsar had freed them, and they were not aware they were still slaves. So the Nardoniks evantully lost hope and started killing the Tsar's lackeys. Evantually it was a Nardonik that killed Tsar Nicolas. The hope was that the death of the Tsar would bring down the system or cause an uprising among the people. Unfortunately the people responded with indiffernce and the government took a swing to the extreme right. The Nardoniks were killed in huge numbers. One of the Nardoniks killed was Alexander Ulyanov. At the time he was a number of hundreds. Yet hindsight is twenty twenty. Alexander's brother Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov swore a lifetime of revolution in his brothers memory. All one has to be told of is Vladimir's evantull pen name. Lenin.

Back to the point, that which inspired thousands of socalists, communists, anarchists and other members of the far left in Russia was the image of the glorified Nardonik. Yet, here in America, where are our Nardoniks? We are the reason for May Day, yet how many americans have heard of The Haymarket Tragedy? Are those poor labourers that were executed our Nardoniks?

What about Eugene Debs? The founder of the Socalist Party and one of the greatest american socalists. He ran his last presidental campaign from a jail cell and nearly gathered a million votes. Why was he imprisoned? because he was a pacifist during WWI. At the very least though we can quote Debs in fond memory.

"While there is a lower class, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; and while there is a soul in prison; I am not free"

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world. "

"I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don't want, and get it"

"The most heroic word in all languages is revolution."

"Those who produce should have, but we know that those who produce the most - that is, those who work hardest, and at the most difficult and most menial tasks, have the least. "

"When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong."

"They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people."

As Trotsky himself said though, Debs was a weak marxist. He had the spirit though. In our history our nardoniks are lost. The country exerted all its energy, all its great liberals of the time during the civil war and the fight to end slavery. You can very easily take many of the abolitionists' writings and convert them to the wage labor arguement.

How much did we lose during the civil war? How much did we give up? At a time when many nations were facing a rabid working class with great leaders, we were arguing over an issue most nations of the world had solved already. Look at our history following the civil war. Untill the Spanish American war and Teddy Roosevelt the nation was stagant.

Now, as a revolutionaires we must look forward. We must be the eternal optimist that Trotsky always told us to be. We must be prepared to be the new Nardoniks. We must open the door for future generations to change america. We must not be simply an intellectual elite. We must get all unskilled workers who the unions ignore to our side. We must stand up for them against all odds and not turn our back on them. We also must not forget the latin american workers flooding america everyday. They are the future, for the immigration cycle in america continues just like the dynastical cycle in China. We must prepare them for the struggle before the Republicans or Democrats awaken to their impending downfall.

Join the struggle, spread the words of the revolution. All the unskilled workers across america truly controll america. One great strike would cost the capitalist scum billions of dollars. Unify now or die.
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Shed a tear for today's America [Jan. 20th, 2005|05:58 pm]
Watching the innaguration today was a joke. Thousands of protesters being held away from the parade path by security and walls. Tell me how this is any differnet then Soviet Russia? Anytime communism is brought up as an answer all we hear about is the lack of freedom and dictatorship.

America has continually taken our freedoms. Eugene Debs, a great socailist, was imprisoned for his anti-war speeches during World War One. If Debs saved even one life, if he kept one person from going to war, did he deserve to be punished and forgotten? Martin Luther King Jr was constantly pestered and attacked by the FBI. Now, so many years later, what have we done? The FBI building is named after the leader of the FBI that went after him. They went after MLK when he spoke out on Vietnam. The FBI has continually gone after leaders of left leaning groups like the Black Panthers. As much as the Black Panthers are villified, they took many great socail steps. They started free breakfasts for inner city kids before school.

Just because you are gaurnteed freedom does NOT mean you are free. If we are not going to be free, then why should we work towards the betterment of the bourgeise? Why not at least work towards the betterment of ourselves and our class. Why not work for a better future? As technology improves, our workloads should decrease not increase. Why are we still working the same shifts that were worked 50 years ago? Why not a 4 or even a 3 day week.

Your freedom does not exist. Do you exist as more then numbers? Are you simply a consumer in a capitalist system? Do you ever wish you were more? Do you ever want to be greater then a number? The future is out there for us. The future can conquered in the present. We are righteous in our cause, and it is only in victory that we shall be alive.
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The Capitalist and the Communist [Jan. 10th, 2005|05:31 pm]
A Capitalist and a Communist happen to run into each other, and the capitalist tries to convince the communist to change his ways.

Cap: Communism can only lead to a dictatorship without rights. Don't you want freedom and liberty?

Com: In your so called democracy, there is truly a dictatorship of the rich. Without money there is no freedom of speech. If someone does not have money he can not simply create a newspaper whenever he wants to get the word out. If a person does not have money he can not get on TV whenever he wants to speak his mind. Without money how could a person voice his opinion across the Radio? In communism all media is open to all workers.

Cap: Do you want food lines like they had in Russia?

Com: They have food lines in Russia now. It does not matter the situation in Russia, a week or two differnce in frost setting in will starve the country. In America we have more then enough for everyone, and everyone deserves their fair share.

Cap: Do you want everyone to make the same amount of money no matter what?

Com: Yes, once we take what you leech from the workers there will be more then enough for all workers to make plenty. What is ours by right of our toil should be ours.

Cap: Don't you belive in a God?

Com: Man created many gods and many little princes. Then he replaced the many gods with one god and the many princes with one king. Today we have replaced that King with a president and in the future we shall replace that president with the people.

Cap: You are turning your back on the Founding Fathers of this country!

Com: If the revolution had taken place a hundred years later, all of the founding fathers would have been influenced by Marx and Communism. I see in Thomas Paine's and Thomas Jefferson's writings the shadows of Communism. I can see people in America rallying around the Red Flag in Revolution against England. It was the blood of the poor that gave us victory in the revolution, not the blood of the founding fathers.

Cap: Your violent ways will be your downfall.

Com: If that is the way to my downfall, then may I be a matyr to the future. I shall be disgraced, but in the future victory I shall be raised to the highest glory.

Cap: Our war machine is too big, too powerful, to be defeated by a few lowly workers.

Com: It might be, but we have history and a glorious cause on our side. Even if we all fall against the great war machine, we shall be victorious.

United comrades, we shall be victorious against all odds. No matter what the capitalists throws against us we are stronger. We controll the very existence of his life and he does not know this. Throw your hand around a capitalist, and let him know the other hand is holding the knife.
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The time is now [Jan. 8th, 2005|02:55 pm]
Awaken to your struggle. Awaken to those that have called you friend, when in reality they are the new masters. All workers must unite in a single purpose. All workers must see that the future Communism holds for them burn ten times brighter then any future under Capitalist Dictatorship. There is no compromising with a government that has made itself an enemy to the people and a friend to the capitalists. While this government holds down the worker and eats caviar with the capitalist it is a government by the rich for the rich.

In America we have more then plenty for everyone and then some more. So why do we starve? why are there homeless and people without health care? Because those at the top of this pyramid are keeping the most for themselves. What does the worker at the bottom, the majority of this country, get? Scraps from the table, the type of scrap that the capitalist himself would not eat.

Do we wish for a revolution simply for ourselves? No, worldwide revolution and victory is our goal. Without a Communist America we can never see a worldwide revolution being successful. Most communist revolutions fail simply due to capitalist intrest of the American ruling class. We can together make the world a better place, instead of hoping for the release of death so we might enter a "paradise" after life.

Who controls everything you read, you write, you hear? Against such a formidable beast, a beast that has much to lose, how can we hope to make even a pinprick? It is not in victory or defeat, it is in the eternal struggle that we are gratified. We shall hold up the torch of communism, as people here and people there in Europe held up the torch of Republicanism from the fall of rome through the dark ages.

This may not be a struggle of here and now, but everyday offers its own struggle, its own victory and defeat. Reach out to your brother worker every day and teach him. As the abolitionist once awakened the consciousness of a nation indifferent towards slavery, we the communist must awaken the consciousness of a worker indifferent toward his plight.
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